Student Rate ~ Ryerson Athletics Annual "Out of the Box" June 8th, 2013

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Be Your Best When Your Best is Needed
Stories from Lessons Learned Coaching in the NHL, Consulting athletes internationally, Building an international business, Competing in sport and battling back from the brink of death.

A universal message everyone finds meaning in whatever their challenge, their goal, whatever their fears, whatever they need to accomplish.

Everyone faces daunting challenges in life, sport and career. Coach Twist shares his personal story of how a diagnosis of Stage IV cancer destroyed his life only to be reborn through a desire for winning each day and a relentless return to action. An inspirational mind-set will be the igniting philosophy you can apply to your own challenges, while implementing strategies to compel you, your clients, your family to adopt fitness, nutrition and self-healing to improve mentally, physically, and spiritually.

Learning Objectives

Learn the theory and practical applications behind;

  • Loading Movement
  • Lines of Pull
  • Training the Fascial Lines
  • Building a Body that WORKS

Unify the body’s linked system and teach muscles to fire sequentially across joints to sum power through the kinetic chain, optimizing transfer into real life situations.

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Course Content

Student Rate ~ Ryerson Athletics Annual "Out of the Box" June 8th, 2013
The Peter Twist up close & Personal "Be Your Best" Event